These Terms and Conditions of Use, or TOS (Terms of Service), is a contract between you and Doral Soccer Academy LLC (we, us, or our). All Doral Soccer Academy LLC customers agree to abide by these policies. All Doral Soccer Academy LLC customers also warrant that they are at least 18 years of age, and that they have the right and authority to bind themselves, or the company they represent, to the terms of this TOS. This TOS may be amended from time to time. All customers of Doral Soccer Academy LLC agree to be bound by these modifications.


Doral Soccer Academy LLC provides a number of services to its customers. The services and products provided to you by Doral Soccer Academy LLC, as set forth on our website, are referred to as “Services”. We provide the Services based on the description of them on our website as of the effective date. If we change our website after the effective date, we have no obligation to modify the Services to reflect that change.


You are required to provide accurate information when setting up your account, during the course of our relationship, and when contacting us. 

You agree to maintain a valid email address for the creation of your account. We have no liability for interruptions in Service, or for damages that may, based on communications that are misdirected, result from your failure to provide us with updated contact information.


The “Effective Date” of this TOS will be the day we verify payment from you.

This TOS will begin on the Effective Date and continue for the term listed on the Services description page (initial term). After the expiration of the initial term, this TOS will renew for successive periods of equal length (Renewal).


The due date for subscriptions to our Services is the day of the month in which you signed up (Due Date). You are responsible for any fees or commissions listed on the payment page for the Services you have purchased, in accordance with the terms set forth on that page. In addition, certain aspects of the services may be billed by third parties through us. 


You agree to perform the management of the subscriptions you have contracted with us to facilitate your use of the Services. This commitment includes, but is not limited to, that you provide us with correct contact and billing information and further that you are responsible for cancelling, pausing or reactivating subscriptions to our Services.

Failure to properly manage your subscriptions to our Service(s), meaning cancellations and pauses thereof, may result in renewal charges for which you will be responsible.


We reserve the right to discontinue this TOS, and suspend or terminate the Services: (i) for a violation of any of our policies; and/or (ii) your failure to pay amounts due. This right of termination shall be without prejudice to any other rights we may have. You are not entitled to any notice or claim that we should exercise these rights.

Upon termination, your account will be closed. We have no responsibility to forward an email or other communications once your account is closed.


You may cancel this Agreement at any time via your user panel from the section titled “Subscriptions”. Cancellations are only accepted through the user panel on our website located in your customer account. If you have a long term agreement with us, so we suggest that you contact us prior to canceling to determine what your cancellation obligations, if any, will be.

If you cancel any of your “Subscriptions” after the renewal charge date, the refund amount will be 50% of such service. Therefore, it is recommended that you cancel before the renewal date to avoid inconveniences.


Notices will be sent to the address you provide to us. It is your obligation to ensure that we have the most current address for you.

Please refer to our website,, for contact information for most issues, including technical and payment support.