In this section we will help you to answer some of the doubts or frequently asked questions you may have.

You can pay on our website without prior registration to facilitate your purchase process. We leave you these steps to guide you:

a. Choose one of our Soccer Plans in any of the available locations.

b. Enter the information requested in the location you have chosen and click on the “Enroll” button.

c. Check your order in the “Shopping Cart” and proceed to the “Check-out” process.

d. Enter the requested information and choose your payment method to complete the checkout process.

e. Once the process is finished you will receive in your email the info of your created account (user and link to set password).

Yes, you must first access your account and log in and then go to the Subscriptions section. Then select to view the details of the subscription you want to modify and you will find the buttons to cancel, pause, reactivate/resubscribe.

  • First log in with your account.
  • Locate the My Subscription or Subscriptions button in the menu (direct link).
  • Find the subscription you want to change and click “View”.
  • Among your subscription details, you will find a “Change Subscription” button that you should click.
  • This will open the page of the subscribed service, where you must choose the new Monthly Plan and click on the “Change Subscription” button.
  • Complete the payment process to complete the change of subscription plan.


The soccer programs have 3 modalities:

  • 4 classes: 1 class per week.
  • 8 classes: 2 classes per week, choosing between Monday-Wednesday, Tuesday-Thursday or Saturday-Sunday.
  • Unlimited: classes at all available times with no restrictions.
  • Find a Soccer or Daycare program you want to enroll your child(ren) in (see Programs).
  • Open the program you are interested in, read the details and choose a monthly plan. Finally, enter your child’s name and use the “Enroll” button.
  • Once you are on the “Cart” page, if you use the “View Programs” button you can enroll another child, repeating the second step; or you can go to the payment gateway to “Finalize Enrollment”.
  • Fill out the payment form with the requested information and choose a payment method.
  • Once you have successfully completed the payment process, you have successfully enrolled your child(ren).

If you can make the change/update of the debit/credit card with which you make payments on the site, it depends on the payment method you have used the steps you have to follow.

Stripe payments:

  • First log in with your account.
  • Locate the Payment Methods button in the menu (direct link).
  • Find the debit/credit card you initially used and edit the data.
  • Save the changes you made.
  • The next payment will use the new card you added.

Paypal payments:

You must go to the Paypal site and log in with your account to change your debit/credit card.